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Representative Angela Cockerham
 Representative Angela Cockerham has been elected to serve in the Mississippi House of Representatives since 2005, representing House District 96 which encompasses Adams, Amite, Pike, and Wilkinson counties. Representative Cockerham is the Chair of the Judiciary A Committee. She is also the Chair of the Judiciary En Banc Committee and serves on the following House Committees: Legislative Budget Committee, Management, Apportionment and Elections, Appropriations, Compilation, Revision, and Publication, Ethics, Education, Energy, and Corrections. She is a licensed practicing attorney in Mississippi and Louisiana and an Adjunct Professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, where she teaches Louisiana Civil Procedure and Louisiana Mineral Law. Representative Cockerham is a graduate of Amite County High School, Jackson State University; B. A.; Loyola University School of Law- New Orleans; J. D.; and Tufts University, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, M.A.
Her work is vast, but notably she has worked diligently to advance public policies that protect and provide additional support to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Over the past few years, she has introduced legislation to develop a consistent response to Sexual Assault on College Campuses. This life changing legislation will be helpful to ensure that all Mississippi Colleges and Universities provide a consistent response to support students who are victims of sexual assault.
Additionally, the legislation would ensure that all colleges and universities abide by the federal guidelines of Title IX.
As a champion for many causes, but more specifically the issues impacting victims and survivors of domestic violence in our state, Representative Cockerham has supported various bills presented in the Mississippi House of Representatives. In 2020, Representative Cockerham proposed legislation to eliminate the 25% match requirement for domestic violence programs receiving funding from the state’s Domestic Violence Fund. The Domestic Violence Fund (DV Fund)’s matching requirement prohibited the use of in-kind donations to fulfill the requirement. A contractor could build a whole wing to a shelter for free, but it would not count as match. Understanding the resources shelter programs needed for operations in order to adequately support victims and survivors, Representative Cockerham’s proposed legislation provides shelter programs the opportunity to allocate these additional dollars to day-to-day operations as well as continue to use them for federal match requirements.
With her continued commitment earlier this year, the Mississippi Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 695, authored by Representative Cockerham. Her respect and ability to garner this level of support from her peers lead it to became law on July 1, 2021. This critical legislation has made it possible to continue to serve victims and survivors of domestic violence in shelter programs without this burden being placed on the service delivery system. Her tenacity, drive and passion to impact the lives of Mississippians doesn’t go unnoticed. The victim service delivery system appreciates her advocacy. We are thankful for the continued support and phenomenal work of Representative Angela Cockerham.

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