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 Positively Safe:
15. Follow NNEDV on Facebook,19 Twitter,20 Instagram,21 Pinterest,22 and Google+23 for more information about the intersection of domestic violence & HIV. Use the hashtags #PositivelySafe and #DVandHIV to join the conversation.
16. Changing language can change the culture. Challenge yourself and others about the things we say and do that further stigmatize survivors and individuals living with HIV.
 For example, if you hear, “She deserved it.” Try, “No one deserves abuse. Survivors deserve respect. Period.” Get more ideas from NNEDV’s October 2016 #31n31 campaign.24
17. Know your status. Help end the stigma on HIV testing by getting tested today.25
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Created by: The National Network to End Domestic Violence Positively Safe Project: The Intersection of Domestic Violence & HIV/AIDS © December 2016

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