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25 Glendale St Durant, MS 39095
Nollie Jenkins Family Center
                                        NJFC’s mission is to empower the citizens of the community by developing and supporting grassroots leaders, community organizers, parents, students, and community-based organizations, so that they have the necessary tools and skills of community organizing, advocacy, and activism to increase family and civic engagement, to build
.meaningful social change, to impact local and state policy, family and governance structures, and to build stronger and sustainable
      Family Generated Anti-Violence Initiative
The purpose of the Family Generated Anti-Violence Initiative (FGAVI) is to educate and bring awareness and to reduce incidences of increasing violence while providing a safe space for victims.
 Ending Violence in Shools &
After years of working in Holmes County to end corporal punishment, NJFC partnered with organizations across MS to form the MS Coalition to End Corporal Punishment , working to end harsh discipline , implement effective alternatives & create safer, healthier schools across the state.
 organizations and communities.
     The Princess & Queendom Initiatives .
serves middle & high school girls These initiatives were created as “safe spaces” for young girls to gather, discuss and engage in conversations about self-esteem, personal goals, life and many other topics and activities critical to growing building and sustaining spiritually, physically and emotionally strong young ladies.
Visit us at & to learn more about our work, other programs & upcoming events.

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