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Printing SpecsWhen estimating or sending your project to print we will need to know some basic specs:• Name of Project:• Size?• Does it fold?• If a magazine or book - How many pages?• If a magazine or book - How does it bind?- Saddle-Stitch? (pages must be divisible by 4): 8 page, 12 page, 16 page, 20 pages etc. - Perfect Bind? Any number of pages, but page count must be above 24 pages• How many colors? 1 color, 2 color or 4 Color Process (full color) • Paper Stock Desired:- Cover or Text stock 80# text, 100# text, 80# Cover, 100# cover- Uncoated or Coated (Gloss or Matte / Silk)• Quantity: 500, 1000, 2500, 5,000 or more?• Expectation for delivery? When does the job need to deliver? Due Date?• Delivery? Where does the job need to be delivered or does it ship? Possible Distribution? • If job mails - Use Quality Printing Indicia or do you have your own?www.qualityprinting.com9

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