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UM Law Hosted ‘You Asked for the Facts’ Documentary Screening The Law School hosted a screening of the PBS syndicated documentary film “You Asked for the Facts” in March 2022 for Law Alumni Weekend, and again in September to commemorate 60 Years of Integration at the university. The film chronicles then-Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s 1966 visit to the university and the behind-the- scenes maneuvering from UM law students to bring him here. Just four years after James Meredith enrolled at UM, university students flouted the statewide speaker ban (later ruled unconstitutional) for college campuses in Mississippi by inviting Kennedy to speak at the university to reveal the truth about phone calls with former governor Ross Barnett. At the time of Meredith’s enrollment, Kennedy was U.S. Attorney General and knew about the conversations between Barnett and the White House. The documentary film was produced and directed by Mary Blessey, a Mississippi filmmaker and daughter of 1966 law alumnus Gerald Blessey. The film contains previously unreleased footage of the speech and interviews with eyewitnesses and individuals directly involved, including James Meredith, Ethel Kennedy, Reuben Anderson, and many more. Ole Miss Law hosts Mississippi Justices and Judges for Appreciation Summit The Law School hosted a Judicial Appreciation Summit in March 2022. Mississippi Supreme Court Justices and the Mississippi Court of Appeals Judges visited Ole Miss Law where they met with students and spoke to classes about their careers and the courts. Several presiding members of the courts also served on a panel discussion for the entire law school to answer questions about Mississippi Courts. The inaugural two-day summit was a unique experience for law students to interact with the highest courts in the state. Ole Miss Law frequently hosts other judicial events, including the Mississippi Court of Appeals Court on the Road annually and the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, allowing students to hear actual oral arguments.     8 

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