In a world of Fake News the Printed Word is Desired: Direct Mail

BY Quality Printing Jackson, Mississippi
June 11, 2018

When you want to make a solid, persuasive case for your product or service, how do you target both prospects and customers in a way that leaves no doubt about who you are? The answer, which has always been there despite th

e rise of digital marketing, is sitting in the mailbox. Direct mail is a solid, proven and real medium that enables marketers

to reach both prospects and customers at an 80%+ open rate. Because the creation of a direct mail campaign requires the right resources and

knowhow, and is more of an investment than email, there are no phony direct mail packages. Consumers can trust the offer is legitimate and marketers can be confident the responses are, too.

There are three other important reasons why cable, financial, insurance, and other industries target consumers and other companies via direct mail:

  1. They can’t generate thegrowth they need via other channels, including digital.
  2. Direct mail, when integrated with digital marketing campaigns, makes online efforts more credible and therefore more likely to be opened.
  3. It works.

If you mean it, you print it!