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Gift Reflects Graduate’s Love for Ole Miss School of Law A new scholarship in the University of Mississippi School of Law stands as a testament to the experiences its namesake enjoyed at Ole Miss. Established with a gift of $150,000, the William N. Krucks and Family Law Scholarship Fund will help support selected UM students seeking juris doctor degrees. “What I know he would want the most is that the gift would allow others who come behind him to feel the way he did and to become the man and attorney that he was,” said Linda Krucks of Winnetka, Illinois, widow of the 1976 law alumnus. “These are gifts that we will continue to make to the university forever because he truly loved Ole Miss.” Law Dean Susan Duncan expressed gratitude for the family’s gift. “The Krucks’ gifts provide significant benefit to our students by enabling them to continue their education and achieve their goals while contributing to society in the field of law,” Duncan said. “I want to thank Linda because her family’s invaluable gifts will have a long-lasting, positive effect on our students, their communities, and ultimately our world.” Krucks, who graduated first in his law class, served as editor of the Mississippi Law Journal and was a member of the Moot Court Board, passed away peacefully at his home on July 23, 2021, after a lengthy illness. UM Law Endowment Pays Tribute to Longtime Telecommunications Executive The late Roger M. Flynt Jr. loved the University of Mississippi and its law school, crediting his education there for much of his enduring success. As a testament to his life, his wife, Gaye Flynt of Oxford, Mississippi, has established the Roger Flynt Memorial Law Endowment. The endowment is unrestricted, meaning it can be used at the dean’s discretion. “I have so much confidence in Susan and Suzette that I think they’ll use this gift where it will do the most good,” Flynt said, referring to Law School Dean Susan Duncan and Senior Development Officer Suzette Matthews. “I just want Roger’s name to be in the law school’s annals, showing his recognition of the law school’s contribution to his success and that he gave back to his alma mater. And I believe there will be generations of students who will benefit from it. “There may be something 20 years from now that needs funding — something that would really make this law school better or assist a student — and because the gift is unrestricted, the leadership can use the funds to support those unspecified needs,” she continued. “However it’s used would make Roger very happy.” Flynt died peacefully in Mentone, Alabama, with his wife at his side on Oct. 6, 2020. UM Law Students to Receive Assistance Through Scholarship Endowment The late Harry Allen enjoyed practicing law because of the potential it provided him to help people. And when he succeeded, he shared, “You go out, help people and pay it forward.” Now the Harry R. Allen Scholarship in Law at the University of Mississippi will expand that philosophy, as it provides support to School of Law students. His wife, Emily A. Allen of Gulfport, Mississippi, has made more than $150,000 in contributions to the endowment. “Harry and I had always talked about starting a scholarship endowment,” she said. “He was all about doing whatever you can to help others. Harry always had wonderful memories of the law school. He would be very pleased with the scholarship and would tell me to keep contributing to it.” Harry Allen passed away in early 2016. Emily Allen said she would like future recipients of the scholarship to know “what a kind, generous and loving man” Allen was.    32 

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