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 BUILDING ROADS AND BRIDGES FOR JACORIUS WILLIAMS, PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT MUCH MORE THAN JUST HIMSELF. or Jacorius Williams, personal achievements have always been about much more than just himself. Originally from Lumberton, Mississippi, Williams’ father moved the family to Biloxi for better opportunities. After graduating from Biloxi High School, Williams attended Mississippi State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. A natural next step for Williams, his family, and his community was the pursuit of a J.D. As a first- generation college student, that journey was met with its own set of challenges. “There have been many times where my direction has been unclear,” he said. “I can remember opening my grades and sometimes missing the mark. I can remember sitting for interviews with firms and not getting the job. I can remember times where the inability to focus stemmed from the financial pressure of putting myself through law school. Despite these obstacles, I endured the law school journey through perseverance and my faith in God.” Even in the face of those challenges, Williams succeeded. During his time in law school, he served as president of the Business Law Network, member of the Trial Advocacy Board and as a member of the Black Law Students Association. In May, he earned his J.D. from the University of Mississippi School of Law. “I attended law school to build a road to success back home,” he said. “Because there weren’t many roads to success, I hope to use my law degree to build a road  33 

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