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  NOW & EVER LAW SCHOOL SETS PRIORITIES IN UNIVERSITY-WIDE CAMPAIGN The University of Mississippi launched the largest comprehensive campaign in Mississippi history in November 2021 to raise $1.5 billion in private support to strengthen it for generations to come. Already, $1.2 billion has been secured toward this goal at the end of the 2022 fiscal year. Now & Ever: The Campaign for Ole Miss will conclude in 2025. “Since 1854, Mississippi’s flagship law school has educated judges, governors, legislators, business leaders and advocates for the underserved, among many others,” said Susan Duncan, Dean of the the law school. “We want to continue our long tradition of impacting the state and the nation. With continued support from our incredible alumni, we can train the future of the legal profession through a fantastic curriculum and advance the law school for many generations to come.” The School of Law has several campaign priorities to help advance the institution and support faculty and students: Medgar Evers Law Scholarship Remembered nationally as one of the most prominent civil rights leaders of his time, Medgar Evers applied to the Law School in 1954 but was rejected by the then- segregated school. This scholarship in his name was established by law professor emeritus John Robin Bradley to help assure that future Mississippi leaders in justice will find more open doors than Evers did. Bradley is challenging Law School supporters to raise $100,000 for the Medgar Evers Endowment. In turn, Bradley has agreed to match up to the total goal amount himself. Student Success Law schools across the nation are competing for the best students, and scholarships are essential to recruiting. Top students coming into our Law School continuously strengthen our academic reputation and help produce attorneys and leaders who are more likely to remain in Mississippi. Faculty Support Faculty members serve as the dynamic force through which our graduates gain legal knowledge and learn essential skills: teamwork, communication, advocacy, leadership and critical thinking. Faculty need to be both specialists in core courses, which require an exceptional depth of knowledge, and versatile and effective teachers to develop the skills graduates need to be successful. To attract and retain a diverse and much sought-after faculty, the School of Law must build and secure a competitive edge over other law schools. To reach our goal of being in the top 75 law schools nationwide by 2025, we must increase the number of named professorships and endowed chairs to offer salaries and the travel and research funds necessary to compete with law schools with greater resources and endowments. Clinical Programs With the dual goals of educating students and increasing access to justice, our seven law clinics 35 

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